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To Host A Tournament – Part 1

This is the first of two episodes dedicated to the simple complexity of hosting a pool tournament or challenge event. This week we hear from Chuck Parrill who runs the Diamond Pool Tour in Arizona, Mark Cantrill of the Legends and Champions Tour and long-time promoter, director and author Jay Helfert. Rick Bryant speaks with the upcoming monster player Sky Woodward about his recent win in Beloit, Wisconsin and his new sponsor, Meucci Cues. Scott Lee and Randy G. discuss hundreds of Chinese pool players coming to the U.S. to learn from us.

Show Features: Mark Cantrill, David “Mr. Bond”, Jay Helfert, Chuck Parrill, Mike Howerton, Rick Bryant, Sky Woodward, Scott Lee and Randy G.

Running Time: 1:33

The U.S. Open Rules

Jay Helfert, the acting tournament director at this year’s U.S. Open discusses the format and proposed rules for the event with Mike Howerton. Mark Cantrill talks with former champion Johnny Archer about his take on what the rules should be, from a players perspective. 

Show Features: Jay Helfert, Mike Howerton, Mark Cantrill, Johnny Archer, David “Mr. Bond”, Scott Lee and Randy G. (Cameo appearance by Allison and Kelly Fisher)

Running Time 1:27

Go west young man, and take your pool cue.

The Prince and The Princess of Barboxia

Alison Fischer speaks with the up-and-coming female phenom’ Liz Lovely. Mark Cantrill helps us get to know a little more about the bar-box 8-ball title clencher Corey Deuel, “The Prince of pool”. Mr. Bond chats with the multi-faceted man with many hats – Jay Helfert. Mary Ann talks with James Oswalt of the Diamond Billiards Sports Bar. Instructional tips from Scott Lee and Randy G.

Show Features: Mark Cantrill, Corey Deuel, Mary Ann Starkey, James Oswalt, Alison Fischer, Liz Lovely, David “Mr. Bond”, Jay Helfert, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:30

Rack up a game and turn on some American Billiard Radio !