Outside Looking In

Those of you in the Phoenix, AZ area will recognize Bruce St. James from his KTAR news radio show and racing career. Listen in as Mark Cantrill gets a view of the pool world from an outsiders perspective. What do they think of us? Mr. Bond talks with Ian Brock about his revolutionary scoring app that can keep track of an entire league system, including handicaps, score keeping and tabulation, even time keeping, with the touch of a finger.  Alison Fischer and Jerry T discuss the recent and upcoming events taking place in the New York City area, and speak about their coverage of pool on NYCgrind.com. Scott Lee and Randy G. discuss red lights and green lights ….is it christmas already?

Show Features: Bruce St. James, Mark Cantrill, Ian Brock, David “Mr. Bond”, Alison Fischer, Jerry Tarantola, Scott Lee, Randy G.

Running Time: 1:36